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a unique formula

Strengthen your natural defenses against pollution


Pollution, a health hazard

Pollution is the first environmental health risk factor in all countries of the world. It causes 7 million premature deaths each year and increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, pulmonary disorders, asthma and allergy. It also weakens the immune system and may induce problems during pregnancy and child development.

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How can we protect ourselves?

Broccoli is the vegetable with the highest concentration of sulforaphane. This natural active compound has been studied for many years for its chemo-protective properties. Recent clinical studies have shown it can be useful in the fight against the dangers of pollution. Sulforaphane actually improves the body’s natural detoxification system, hence a better elimination of air pollutants.

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Strengthening our natural defenses

A.R.O is the first dietary supplement specifically developed to fight against the health effects of pollution. Its unique formula combines an extract of broccoli (a source of sulforaphane) with 3 antioxidants in order to boost the elimination of pollutants, strengthen antioxidant defenses and ease breathing.

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